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The Past and Future of Hemp Fibre

Archaeological records put humans first use of hemp at several millennia BC. Overtime the use of hemp for clothing has been a constant thread in humans history. It is believed that it was spun as fine as silk, not just the coarse fibre that we know it as from its use as ropes. The blend I choose to use of 60% hemp 40% silk in my wedding gowns proves to be a most exquisite organic alternative to synthetic textiles.

The delicate handwork, used in the decorating of these designs was almost insulting to waste on cheap synthetic fabrics and hence being 100% organic hemp, grown and manufactured in Romania, I choose to only use organic pieces to embellish my designs, or I hand embroider. Making each piece an heirloom, a piece which is durable, elegant, and treasured for generations to come.

After 5 years of study in environmental health, and being an environmentalist in my own life, I see the importance of change required as consumers on this planet, hemp has proven itself to be the most environmentally sustainable of all fibres known, with a bonus of being absolutely 100% comfortable to wear, in spite of this, in the past, it has been misrepresented and misunderstood.

Hemp was and is a fibre of the future, and the promotion and growth of this outstanding fibre, with ALL the benefits it has to offer, could sustain this entire country, and, this entire planet.